Dr. T. S. Sudarshan

Dr T.S. Sudarshan is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer for Materials Modification Inc., (MMI) Fairfax, Virginia where he has raised over 30 million dollars in funding from the Government for high risk high payoff advanced technology related programs.

Dr Sudarshan most recently completed a 6 year term as a member of the "National Materials Advisory Board" He is holder of 12 US patents and 1 Australian patent; winner of two R&D 100 awards; winner of two Design News awards; winner of the Outstanding Manufacturing Engineer award given by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers - USA; Fellow of ASM International; Fellow of International Federation of Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering; coauthor of over 150 papers in journals and peer reviewed conferences; coeditor of 25 books - 22 in surface engineering, one on "Rapid Solidification Technology", one on "Intermetallic and Ceramic Coatings", and one on "Chemical Vapor Deposition"; and has delivered over 25 invited (keynote and plenary) lectures in the fields of nanotechnology and surface engineering around the world.

Dr. Sudarshan is also the founder of the "Surface Modification Technologies" conference that has been held for the past 20 years in various countries that include USA, UK, France, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, India and Austria and serves on the editorial boards of several international journals. Dr. Sudarshan is also the Co-editor of two international peer reviewed journals "Materials and Manufacturing Processes" published by Taylor and Francis for the past 20 years and "Surface Engineering" published by Maney Publishing on behalf of IOM, UK for the past 11 years. He has been profiled in Wall Street Transcripts on Nanotechnology and has served as a member of the Governor's Review panel on Research and Development in the Commonwealth of Virginia.